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Recommended books 

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Click to learn moreCollege Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the Best School for You, 12th Edition
By Steven R. Antonoff, published by Octameron Associates.

This is a good guide to finding the right "match" college based on informative worksheets. It also includes a year-by-year high school calendar for college planning.

Click to learn moreThe College Board College Handbook, 2015
Written and published by The College Board.

This 2½-inch thick directory, which has been published since 1941, covers 3,800 accredited 4-year and 2-year colleges. The detailed descriptions are compiled from surveys completed by the actual colleges' administrators.

Click to learn moreThe Fiske Guide to Colleges, 2015
By Edward B. Fiske, published by Sourcebooks, Inc.

Mr. Fiske and his staff have chosen "… over 300 of the best and most interesting institutions in the nation" for inclusion in this subjective guide. How the colleges were chosen is explained in the guide's introduction. The information is compiled by using questionnaires obtained from the schools' administrators, faculty and students, as well as published documents, visits to the campuses and other research techniques. Each college is described by basic points such as enrollment, test score ranges, strongest programs, etc., then by a 2- to 2½-page narrative.

Click to learn moreThe Kids' College Almanac: A First Look at College
By Barbara C. Greenfeld and Robert A. Weinstein, published by JIST Works

Excellent basic look at everything surrounding high school to college transition. It includes ways to prepare for college, how to apply, what college costs, what you can expect when you get to college, where to go for help during high school and when you're in college, even alternatives to traditional college - trade schools, etc. The book is easy to read and understand, and defines most basic terms - especially good for parents who didn't go to college and aren't sure of the procedures and jargon used in the college arena.

Click to learn moreThe Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 2015
By the Yale Daily News staff, published by St. Martin's Griffin

This subjective guide to colleges is "… written by students, for students, using the experiences of students." The information is based on interviews with students at about 330 colleges in the US and Canada. It provides useful information often not found in the other guides.